Hair of the Dog

Your Weekly Horoscope 5/3 ✨
Cue the obligatory Justin Timberlake meme ladies and gentlemen's GONNA. BE. MAY. We cannot believe we're already 5 months into the yea...
Spotify Playlists for Every Occasion
Picture This -- It's finally the freakin' weekend and you're getting ready for a night out with your besties. What's the most important item on the...
Top 5 Trends This Spring/Summer Season
floral set / yellow shades / green shoulder bag / halter top / floral bucket hat  1.) Yellow Sunglasses We've seen them everywhere, and this trend ...
Our Pinterest!
our pinterest If you're like us, Pinterest could be considered a personality trait at this point. We wish we were kidding. It's the perfect place f...

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