Your Weekly Horoscope 5/3 ✨– Hangover Hoodies

Your Weekly Horoscope 5/3 ✨

Your Weekly Horoscope 5/3 ✨

Cue the obligatory Justin Timberlake meme ladies and gentlemen's GONNA. BE. MAY.

We cannot believe we're already 5 months into the year, and with summer quickly approaching/hot girls summer on the horizon, we thought it best at Hangover Hoodies to get a better sense of ourselves and our future by turning to the stars -- that's right, it's time for weekly horoscopes!

Whether you believe in astrology, think it's just for fun, make it your entire personality trait, or are just into it to get cute jewelry that says your sign's name on it (guilty as charged)...we are here to help!

And because we are too busy making fun hoodies for you amazing people, and have not yet gotten our astrology degrees, we turn to the professionals at Refinery29 to help guide us through.


This week, as Ceres spends her last days under the stars of Aries and your long-time resident Chiron prepares to make a difficult aspect to Mars in Cancer, it would serve you well to assess what you’re available for emotionally rather than focusing only on logistics. It’s okay to cancel, to keep a calendar day open. When your attention is called away from home affairs and toward your wider community, it’s important to remember that while opportunities and invitations are fleeting, your priorities rely on your steadfast commitment to them. That’s what makes them priorities.


When the Sun beats on the Earth for long enough, what germinates below ground begins to surface. Attention, love, familiarity, and abundance are crucial to your wellbeing, but it’s not uncommon for the deeper and more difficult things to bubble up when you feel held and safe. The human psyche likes to wait for all conditions to be right. If this week finds you juggling opposing emotions or, rather, trying to figure out where those big feelings are coming from and what they mean, have heart. The clearest path to understanding something is simply allowing it to happen.


With your ruling planet, Mercury, moving under your stars this week, you’re likely to experience a boost in all things Mercury related. This is a great time to reach out, to make your concerns known, to express yourself, and make some firm fun plans for a future date. Just be mindful of where you put all that energy, dear Gemini. Venus’s transit into your sign come May 8th is sure to make you keenly aware that what you put out has a direct effect on what you get back — even if the relationship between the two is not entirely perceptible. Like attracts like, for better or worse.


This week begins with an Aquarian quarter moon and if you’re looking for reasons to act a little unconventional, you’re in luck. Not that you ever really need a reason to let loose, what with Cancer’s reputation for being a bit of a clown. Life is silly, even when it’s hard — maybe especially when it’s hard. Why shouldn’t life’s most emotionally susceptible sign experience a little release? Take it where you can get it and get it while you can, especially if pleasure is in the picture. With the asteroid Psyche transiting Cancer, the hijinks are bound to lead to revelations.


If you want work, there’s work to be had this Taurus season. Not the mundane, endless-task kind of work, either. The kind that’s bound to change how you experience the world, how you plan to be a part of it. But, as Mercury and Venus shift from your house of profession and reputation into your house of friendship and good hopes, incoming invitations should come as no surprise. You don’t have to choose between spending time nurturing connections and strengthening your new position. Sharing what you’re passionate about with those you love is a power part of that work.


As Mercury leaves Taurus and moves under the stars of Gemini, you’re likely to find yourself making some big moves of your own. If you’ve been good to yourself in the weeks past then you’ve taken time to reflect on the lessons you’ve learned so far and what it is you’re hoping to learn moving forward. These step-back strategies will serve you well in the week ahead, as you shift gears into drive. If you haven’t been good to yourself, it’s never too late. You are embarking on something incredibly important to you. The *why* of the matter is just as important as the how.


As a cardinal sign, you know well enough that life is full of cycles big and small. The big changes can be dramatic and sweeping but the small ones can be just as resonant, the undulations following a crashing wave. Venus, your ruling planet, shifts from Taurus to Gemini by this week’s end and you might find the transit beckoning you toward a different kind of presence. A loving and critical eye of appreciation for all that you have left to learn in your new environment. Until then, do your best to ask questions even when the answers seem implied — in fact, especially then.


Since Taurus season can be especially taxing for Scorpio babes, it’s a great time to home in on the understanding that the shadowy parts of our emotional experiences are necessarily the places where great mysteries are kept. The word mystery, in this case, isn’t meant to summon the great detective in you. The great mysteries of sex and death and birth, are folded into our smaller ones. One such mystery reveals itself to those who learn to be better lovers by holding their solitude sacred. Do your best to turn toward the mystery, Scorpio, turn inward out of love rather than fear.


In communication with others, it’s imperative to leave space for the unknown. And, accounting for the unknown is not always limited to one side of an interaction, it’s not always within the realm of what’s false or what’s omitted. Rather, it’s about accepting that humans do a great job of missing what doesn’t fit their narrative or rejecting new information in favor of a story. In this way, humans can be fallible but, also, forgivable. Try your best to let the small stuff slide this week, Sagittarius. Save your emotional energy, your processing energy, for the relationships that replenish you.


With the asteroid Eros (in your first house of self) creating a flowing aspect to Uranus (in your 5th house of pleasure), which is applying its own flowing energy to the asteroid Vesta (in your 9th house of divination), it’s not a stretch to say that if the night belongs to lovers, then the night belongs to you. So claim it. Whether you’re reading this after a miraculous Beltane weekend or you’re relishing a solitary moment suffused with soft light and scented with ripe fruit, if you are moving against servitude and toward pleasure, then you are exactly where you should be.


This week opens with a quarter moon in Aquarius and two squares: between Mercury in Taurus and Jupiter in Aquarius and between the Sun in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius. Because both Saturn and Jupiter deal with boundaries and ongoing systems, their tense aspects to the Sun and Mercury can feel stymieing, even personal. It’s important to remind yourself that an obstacle can be both a nuisance and a form of protection. When you can’t move forward, turn around. There might be something crucial you’ve forgotten. Something you’ll need when the boundary gives way.


It can be difficult to remember that the roles we happily accepted once need not be the roles that keep on defining us. Despite the world’s ever-ongoing investment in making us pick a box and stick to it, the truth of who we are to ourselves and to each other is ever evolving. The evolution is not simply up to time or timelines, it can occur to us like a mount at the end of a long climb, or precipitously — all at once and dangerous with possibility. If it no longer fits, if it doesn’t feel right, there’s no shame in saying so. You get more than one chance to say who you are. 

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