Top 5 Trends This Spring/Summer Season– Hangover Hoodies

Top 5 Trends This Spring/Summer Season

Top 5 Trends This Spring/Summer Season

floral set / yellow shades / green shoulder bag / halter top / floral bucket hat 

1.) Yellow Sunglasses

We've seen them everywhere, and this trend is only getting started ladies and gentlemen. The best part? They are the easiest accessory to quickly throw on and automatically look 10x cooler (we pretty sure it's scientific). It doesn't take a complete wardrobe overhaul to look and feel like a million bucks, and these yellow sunglasses are the best way to add some ~spice~ to any attire.

2.) Floral Prints

It's out with the minimalist and in with happy, fun floral prints and we here at Hangover Hoodies could not be happier. With these floral prints taking on a Mod 60s/70s vibe, you'll feel like you're straight out of "That 70s Show". And what better time to embrace the natural, carefree vibes of the 70s then the warm, carefree spring/summer! Put some braids in your hair, grab your Hangover Hoodies disposable camera, throw on your yellow sunglasses, and embrace that sunny spring/summer sun. 

3.) Halter Tops

Speaking of the 70s, channel your inner Charlie's Angel/Farrah Fawcett in these super easy tops that are PERFECT for the warmer weather. Want to double-down on the spring/summer trends? Pick a halter top in a floral print/Missoni-esque design to really hammer down your pinterest-queen status.

4.) Pastels

Matcha greens, baby blues, bubblegum pinks...oh my! This spring/summer, colorful pastels are the name of the game. They're bright, they're cheery, and they're easy to incorporate in any look -- whether that means a light green shoulder bag, some pastel Nike Mid-Blazers, or some colorful, chunky, funky rings. Wearing pastels this season will have you feeling like you're in a dream.

5.) Y2K

Picture this: You're sipping a Capri Sun, running home to watch the latest Lizzie McGuire episode wearing your new butterfly hair clips and chocolate brown gauchos from Limited Too. Now imagine that same energy, but 10 years later and more elevated. Y2K is coming back in a big way, and although we can all agree to leave some trends in the 2000s (*low rise jeans cough cough*), there are still a lot of fun pieces to incorporate in your wardrobe this spring/summer -- think cropped tops, sweat suits, and wide-legged pants.


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