Top 4 Trends to Wear this Darty Season– Hangover Hoodies

Top 4 Trends to Wear this Darty Season

Top 4 Trends to Wear this Darty Season

School is back in session ladies & gentlemen! And with most of our social events being held outside and socially distant due to Miss Rona, it can only mean one thing — darty clothes and choosing your darty outfit has NEVER been more important. Darties are now your one chance to show your entire social-circle that you actually have clothes other than the same pair of oversized sweatpants and spaghetti strap tank-tops you wear to all of your Zoom classes.

For many, the idea of getting back in the saddle and putting a trendy outfit together for socializing may sound daunting. With quarantining for so long, just socializing in general may sound daunting tbh.

Don’t fear!! We are here to make the process less stressful by laying out the 4 TOP trends you have to be wearing to every darty event to help you stand out from the crowd. Thank us later :)

1.) A Hangover Hoodie

Is this at all a surprise? If you aren’t rocking your oversized Hangover Hoodie to the next Kappa Alpha Swag mixer…what are you wearing? It’s the perfect piece to let your friends know that you care about good vibes, going with the flow, and having a gd DAY. Pair this vintage-inspired hoodie with gold hoop earrings, square-shaped sunnies, platform sandals, and an iced-cold White Claw. Feel cute and cozy all day — a no brainer.

2.) The 90s-Inspired Shoulder Bag

If you haven’t hopped on this trend already folks, this is your sign from the cosmos to start. First of all, not only are these bags being worn by all of the fashion heavy-hitters (Kendall, Bella, Zendaya…need we say more), but they are also SOOO much easier to wear than the previously popular crossbody bags. Buy one in a fun color to spice up any look.

3.) Zebra Print

Consider zebra print the new cheetah. This is a trend that you’ve probably seen but is only getting started! A full zebra print outfit can seem overwhelming, but you can start small! Try instead a belt, shoulder bag, or other accessory item to add some flair to your outfit. Make sure to get an insta or Tik Tok in your ‘fit to let people know you were ahead of the trend.

4.) The Snake Chain Necklace

Gold, delicate jewelry is still ruling fashion right now, and what better accent to any outfit than a snake chain necklace. Perfect for any outfit, casual or dressy. You may be hungover with a raging headache only extra-strength Advil could cure, but your jewelry will scream “I did yoga this morning and already got my green smoothie”.


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