The Best Hangover Cure Based on Your Zodiac Sign– Hangover Hoodies

The Best Hangover Cure Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The Best Hangover Cure Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Your iPhone alarm goes off at the respectable 12pm you set it to the night before. You can see the golden light peeping through your blackout curtains as you wipe the sleep from your tired eyes.

It’s Sunday. You’re hungover. And you’re searching frantically for a tall, cold glass of water to quench your seemingly never-ending thirst. 

Throwing on your favorite oversized Hangover Hoodie, you stumble downstairs to see your friends huddled around the TV watching yet another episode of “The Office” (basic we know, but it’s a classic) on Netflix. After gossiping about last night’s shenanigans and how Brad from Sigma Apple Pie FINALLY made a move, you brainstorm on how to shake off this horrible hangover.

We’ve all been there. 

But have you ever wondered how your zodiac sign could help you figure out which hangover cure is best for you? Thankfully, our friends at have you covered. Below are their best hangover remedies based on your zodiac sign, to get you feeling as good as you did last night.

Aries — Exercise

You bring the party, Aries, and are often the one in your social circle still awake by 6am on the morning after an epic party. While you may claim hangovers don’t affect you, you’re just an ace at powering through them. A long run, a cycle class, or a swig of an electrolyte drink are all you need to keep on going, and going, and going.

Taurus — Self-Care

Bulls love luxury, and they have a hangover ritual down to a “T”. A Taurus will find elegance even in the most head-pounding AM. What bulls need are luxe pajamas, an eye mask, their favorite aromatherapy oils and a nap with the blackout blinds down.

Gemini — Brunch

You love a good party, Gemini. But the morning after can cause you to tumble into a serious funk, as you second guess what you did, who you spoke with, and why that second (okay, fourth) marg was a good idea. What’s your get-over-it strategy? A carb-laden brunch with friends, followed by a funny movie. You’ll be feeling like yourself—and maybe even feel ready for another night at the bar—by nightfall.

Cancer — Yoga Class (Even Though You Want to Sleep)

A night out can make any Cancer feel emotional the morning after. You’re likely to want to stay under the covers all day long, but getting out and facing the world is your best strategy when you’re feeling emo. A gentle yoga class will help get your blood flowing and your mind in the headspace you want it in.

Leo — Netflix & Chill

Life of the party Leo tries not to let a hangover interfere with their plans. It’s admirable, but can you really handle a boozy brunch in your condition? Learning the art of staying in and watching Netflix in your sweatpants and Hangover Hoodie may be the smartest strategy to be back in top form by tomorrow.

Virgo — Ibuprofen and Green Juice

When a Virgo goes out, they go all out. That’s why having a super-healthy ritual to get back on track serves you well. You love order, lists, and knowing exactly what comes next, so as soon as you wake up in the AM, stumble to the kitchen for some ibuprofen and an extra large glass of green juice.

Libra — Be Good

You know that life is all about balance, and you don’t beat yourself up for going overboard. Still, your best strategy to fight a night of overindulging is a day of being relatively good. (Not your favorite, but you pick and choose your battles, Libra.) Making a healthy meal at home, hitting up a workout class, and tackling something major on your to-do list, like cleaning out a closet, can help you get back on track.

Scorpio — Brunch Cocktails

When you indulge, you love to keep the party going on and on. Still, there’s something to be said for a modicum of temperance, Scorpio. Instead of yanking out the vodka in the AM, which you’ve been known to do, hit up a new cafe that offers brunch cocktails with friends. Seeing people in sunlight—but still having a boozy beverage in hand—is the best way for you to transition to daytime and beat a hangover.

Sagittarius — Get Connected with People From Last Night

Energetic Sagittarians never let too many drinks gets in the way of a good time. You love the memories each drink brought, so use the morning to update your social media, re-start any text threads from last night, and, if you’re single, start flirting with that person listed as “Cute, Beer, Name?” in your phone.

Capricorn — Take a “Sick” Day

Caps rarely let loose, and when they do, they make every single glass count. You’re likely already up at the crack of dawn, but cut yourself some slack. It’s okay to declare this a “sick” day (because, let’s be honest, does your stomach feel healthy to you right now?) turn out the lights, and spend the day doing absolutely nothing. Order something oversize and full of calories on Seamless and enjoy slothing the day away for once.

Aquarius — Do an Activity

Try-anything-once Aquarians should consider a hangover the start of an epic weekend. Keep the adventures rolling by getting your crew and trying something you’ve never done before. Maybe it’s a game of Frisbee golf, maybe it’s inviting a few people over for a cooking marathon. Either way, a new activity or project will take your mind off your pounding head.

Pisces — Drink (and Walk by) Water 

Watery fish need water, stat. The goal for Pisces is to drink as much H20 as possible. You also may find solace in hitting the pool. Not possible? Head for a walk, preferably by a body of water. Seeing the blue-gray water (as opposed to the red inside your wine glass last night) will give you the equilibrium your mind, body, and soul crave.

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