3 Ways to Dress Up Your Hangover Hoodie for a Night Out– Hangover Hoodies

3 Ways to Dress Up Your Hangover Hoodie for a Night Out

3 Ways to Dress Up Your Hangover Hoodie for a Night Out

Who says you have to get dressed up just because you're going out to the bars? Comfy style is IN and here to stay, so check out 3 of our favorite ways to style our comfy oversized Hangover Hoodie.

1.) Chunky Jewelry, Biker Shorts, and Sneakers

When it's just too tough to force yourself to wear a pair of heels, try this cool retro look instead: black biker shorts, one of our classic oversized Hangover Hoodies, cool sunglasses, and your favorite sneaks. Don't forget some chunky gold jewelry! (We've linked some of our faves for you to check out!)

This look is the perfect combo of chic and comfy, dressy and casual. The sporty aspect of the hoodie gives a nice contrast to the more fancy jewelry, but is simple enough to let your accessories and shoes be the statement.

2.) Underneath Your Favorite Jacket

Whether it's your favorite leather jacket or a cool bomber, your hoodie is the perfect style for emphasizing your outerwear. For this look, we recommend a pair with a cool hat or beanie, some leather leggings, and your comfiest pair of heels to elongate your legs! You'll keep warm and cozy in your comfy Hangover Hoodie, while still looking like the badass that you are.

Try accessorizing with a cool purse so you don't lose your wallet this time at the bar. This one is vegan leather and comes in a bunch of fun colors!

3.) Duster Coat and Joggers

Another great way to contrast the casual nature of a comfy Hangover Hoodie is with a fun and neutral duster coat. Take a page from Zendaya's book and throw your hair in a bun for this natural and effortless look. Try a stylish duster like this one that is bulky enough to fit over the hoodie, and you can choose to go with tight or loose bottoms, depending on what you're in the mood for! You can never go wrong with a cool jacket, and this look is a perfect way to dress your hoodie up for a nighttime event!

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